Frequently Asked Questions

All Day Play/Short Interval Socialization

When do I bring my dog for Daycare?

Any time during our open hours your dog is welcome to stay as long or as little as you like.

Can I bring/pick up my dog outside of open hours?

Early Drop Off is available only for existing clients (ie. no paperwork required) and is available only as early as 7 AM. There are no late pick-ups available as there MUST be staff members on site.

Early Drop Off is free for clients who pay on a monthly basis and $5 for clients on an 8 day package. It is NOT available for overnight stays of any kind.
Appointment slots are 10 minutes in which we will wait up front to take your dog at the front door as you head on from there!

Can I bring my dog if they are big/small/intact?

Diamond reserves the right to keep intact males/females as Short Interval Socialization only, due to the difficulties presented in a group setting. We do not create play groups based on size but on temperament instead. There are no breed restrictions.

What should I bring with my dog?

We don’t need anything other than their leash! But you may bring food for your dog (lunch and/or dinner) as well as any outdoor protection they may need to wear or medications they require.

How does it work if I want to bring my daycare dog in to stay a night or more?

All Day Play or Short Interval Socialization can be combined with boarding overnight with a reduced overnight rate! Purchased packages do not expire and daycare days do not need to be used consecutively. Keep yours for a rainy day!

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Which size of room should I pick?

For one dog we have our standard sized ruby room which fits everything including a St. Bernard in it. Don’t worry – they will have the space! If you are looking for luxury, then our diamond suite with the toddler bed, flat screen TV and personal ceiling fan might be the room for you! When considering a room size for your single dog, the middle option (emerald) might seem like a good compromise, but if your dog isn’t a giant breed then they won’t notice the difference between the 5 square feet. The rooms otherwise are exactly the same and in the same part of the building.

Multiple dog homes have the choice between Emerald and Diamond rooms.

Do they have free access to outside?

The dogs have windows that look out to their own personal patio runs outside but they do not have free access. Each dog gets let outside on a scheduled basis 5 times a day for approximately a half hour each time. This gives them some fresh air and multiple bathroom opportunities while keeping the air inside of our kennel comfortable with its temperature control and extensive air filtration system.

Can I bring toys/beds from home?

Absolutely! We want them to have the comforting smells and objects from home around them. There is only one exception to this rule and that is we cannot accept stuffed beds or stuffed comforters for the safety of your dog. We suggest a blanket, towel, mat, pillow case or t-shirt from home instead that smells like their loved ones. Visit “What to Bring”  to see a complete list of what you can bring with you and what should be left at home.

How old does my dog have to be to be boarded?

As long as they have all of the vaccinations that we require up to date and on schedule, they can come in to board with us. Bordetella (for kennel cough) is an absolute requirement and should be done 1 week before coming in to board if it is their first time receiving it.

Is it safe to have my dog doing off-leash activity? Where can he/she play?

Diamond is situated on beautiful country acreage and has plenty of space for your dogs to really tear it up out there and get the exercise they need. Our off-leash yards and walking trail are all fenced in by 14 foot fencing for your dog’s safety and maximum fun.

Is it okay if my dog isn’t friendly with other dogs?

Yes. Diamond offers a safe and private facility for all dogs. Groups are facilitated and supervised by the staff and the others are given one on one time with a staff member as well.

My dog isn’t fixed. Can they still board or play?

Yes. We take care not to let them come into contact with other intact dogs and they may be limited in who they can play with for this reason, but we absolutely still allow them to board and will try to make it work if they would also like some socialization.

When can I come to see the facility?

We have an open door policy so that you may come and see us without an appointment during our open hours. We only ask that you come no later than 5:30 PM for your tour. If you are unable to come out for a tour of our facility, google earth has been through our building and offers a full virtual tour of our building and the outside runs!

What vaccinations do I need?

We require Distemper (DAPP or DHPP), Rabies and Bordetella (for kennel cough). All of these are non-negotiable unless we are provided with a veterinary note as to why they will not vaccinate your dog against one or more of those listed and their assessment of the dog’s overall health. Make sure that regular booster vaccines are given 3-5 days prior to the boarding date needed. If it is the first time your dog is receiving a specific vaccine, we require 7 days time period between receiving the vaccine and the boarding date.

I have more than one dog. Can they stay together?

Absolutely. Multiple dog homes can use the Emerald room or Diamond room to share for their stay with us. If you have more than one dog but would like separate rooms for them, this can also be accommodated. There is discount pricing available for dogs sharing a room together.

What package should I choose for my dog?

Packages or add-ons are important in offering your dog some mental stimulation and a break up to their regular day here. Basic room and board provides them with all their basic needs, but can be a little boring or lonely for extended periods of time. We offer package rates so that you pick an exercise schedule that will entertain your dog but still keep your costs at a comfortable level. Your dog’s stay can be completely customized! You do not need to have the same package applied to every day of their stay. Please feel free to mix it up, do something every other day, or add on fun little treats here and there to offer them a pleasant surprise!

I need to fill out a deposit form for boarding over Christmas, New Years or March Break. Where can I find this?

All of our important documents can be found here and get updated yearly.

When can I pick up/drop off my dog?

Pick up or drop off is anytime during our open hours. For a full list see here. Please note that the latest pick up and drop off times on days that we close at 7 PM is 6:30 PM. For drop off, this allows your dog enough time to acclimatize to their surroundings and go to the washroom before the lights go out and the dogs go to sleep for the night. For pick up, this allows for us not to disturb the sleeping dogs (including yours) in order to retrieve your dog from his/her room. Exceptions to this policy include All Day Play and Daycare dogs.
The price changes based on when you pick up your dog on the last day of their stay. Please see our check out times for details on the pricing.


When can I book my dog in for a groom?

Grooming days are Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. You can make appointments for drop off of your dog and pick up when they are complete (usually 2 hours).

Do I have to make a grooming appointment if my dog is boarding?

Your dog may also be groomed during their boarding stay with us. Also, each day they board they receive $5 off towards the cost of a bath.

What do I need to bring/have for a groom?

Your dog requires all of the vaccinations that our boarded dogs do. If they do not have them up to date they can be done in the non-vaccinated room for an additional $5. If your dog requires a special medicated shampoo, you may also bring that with you and the groomer will use that instead of our own.